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With Databasset, you can easily backup the personal or organizational data. Moreover, you can recover it easily whenever you feel like in the future.

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In order to facilitate your needs, we have a lot to offer our users. Choose the plan which suits you the most and improves your performance.

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Our solutions are better than the ordinary. We know how crucial it is for your businesses to have the best resources available.


We have a reliable solution for every enterprise. To facilitate data protection, we have made use of the best solutions possible.

About Us

Databasset has been working on implementing the best strategies of data protection for personal, business and enterprise needs. We understand how important it is for you to have a backup of your data. For improving the performance of any organization, it is necessary to have the best data security mechanism in place. Also, we help you recover the data for future use without any delay. By deploying the latest set of advanced tools and technologies, we help our users benefit from these types of solutions. Serving purposes such as data security, reliability, manageability and affordability for various businesses we are slowly but steadily become stronger day-by-day.

Choose Our High Speed Internet Packages

Now it is time to say goodbye to your slow internet connection. At Databasset , there is a variety of options for almost everyone to get high speed Internet packages at the pocket-friendly prices. With our exciting plans, you will enjoy accessing the internet and do the things with ease and haste. However, if you are confused about choosing the best suited plan for yourself, you can bank on our experts. They will help you understand the plans which is most appropriate for your businesses and individual purposes.

What We Offer

Saas File Discovery

One needs to have flexibility in accessing various files, documents, photos and other media. At Databasset, you can easily search across various platforms such as Dropbox, Facebook etc. Also, with the help of our solutions, you can easily recover the data from your workstations.
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Storage Types

Nowadays, we come across multiple ways of storing the data. Offering a list of options such as hot storage, cold storage and hybrid storage, we cater to different types of data depending upon the needs of the organizations.
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Maintain a backup

Data can be present on several platforms such as smart phones, computers, tablets, external drivers, network devices and cloud services such as Dropbox. Solving all your problems, Databasset cloud backup is the best you can get in terms of data protection strategies.
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Automatic Protection

For keeping your data protected, we have the automatic protection feature. The users can easily upload the data and let our team handle the rest. Talking about the key manipulations, they will be taking place within the service platform.


At Databasset, we enable you to run the backups either continuously or on schedule. In the past, we have seen how decreasing IT budgets and the number of endpoints, a part of the corporate network, has been affecting a lot of devices.
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SaaS Data Protection

Software-As-A-Service, or in other words, SaaS has been a key ingredient in data handling. Everyone wants their data to be concentrated on a single location that makes it easy to be retrieved. With Databasset SaaS protection, be in charge of all your data.
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Remote Restore

We want all the users to know about the remote restore function i.e. an efficient cloud backup solution. This solution helps in undergoing backup, storage and recovery of all the computer files. With the help of these techniques, one can tackle the emergencies for servers.

Email Cloud/Backup

Keeping a backup of your mails is important since one can refer it in the future. It is a well-known fact that the data is prone to hacking and hosting failures. As per stats, around 540 million accounts get hacked every year. At Databasset, you data is completely safe and secure.
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Internet Solutions

Are you a victim of poor internet connectivity and browsing speed? Don’t worry!! Now get rid of various issues such as browsing speed, network connectivity and online buffering. With Databasset, you are forever assured of availing the best services possible.
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We offer increased data protection with the best-in-class solutions to meet your organizational requirements.

We help you stay ahead and improve the overall performance.

Why Choose Us?

We give you a number of reasons to establish the trust and belief in our services. At Databasset, we have the best data recovery solutions to meet various organizational needs. We understand your business requirements and the strategies you need to undertake in order to facilitate your businesses.

Better Access

You need to be in charge of your data at all times. For this purpose, we have a list of offerings that suit your business needs.

Increased Protection

At Databasset, we are focused on providing immunity towards malware attacks, local device failure and other natural disasters.

Less Downtime

By implementing these solutions, we have worked on improving the processing time and data gathering.

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